Sextortion Bitcoin scam makes unwelcome return ...

Steemit is probably control grid. The litmus tests are it's bitcoin basis, avaricious virality, people like WAC supporting it, and that they suppress 'conspiracy'

Steemit is based on bitcoin, they claim. That makes it censorship resistant, they say. We honestly don't know their backend, we have to trust that they aren't casting an illusion on us by publishing technical details of steemit's working that don't actually match reality. It would be trivial to spoof the alleged activity and mechanisms of bitcoin on steemit. If you don't get to see the backend, you just have to believe them. They use their own steemit currency also.
It does seem, however, to be legit if people are getting paid. But there are ways to spoof that could have an internal currency and 'curators' who decide what something is worth (see the 'bernie sanders scam dollarvigilante' post below).
For example, the US government has unlimited money ('QE') to spend on a successful propaganda campaign to destroy reddit. After all, knowledge is power and the total fucking distrust of the american people towards the government is priceless.
Secondly, if Bitcoin itself is a scam, then steemit is a scam too.
Bitcoin involves cracking a code. Who has the most / best equipment to crack codes? The NSA. They have a few trillion dollars invested in a whole building that is a computer. Because of US Military Intelligence's (USMI's) NSA PRISM, bitcoin is an Elitist system you no longer have access to. I'll expand.
You can no longer make money on it if you didn't get in on it from the get-go. It's a ponzi scheme. In order to mine for bitcoin, you have to have expensive equipment. You can't buy enough equipment now to make enough bitcoin to pay for it and make a narrow margin, because of the way the system has worked. In the beginning, mining was easy, but now it's all mined out and more computer power + time is needed to unlock harder puzzles. That's just how it works.
So to start now, you'd need an astronomical investment in computer equipment and lots of spare, discounted energy, like for example a solar farm. No one has that. It's inherently more elitist as time goes on. If you started now, with your computer, it would take over 20 yrs on average to get a bitcoin block, if you ever did get one--which you might not.
My point is that bitcoin has always been elitists, never democratic. It was never based on anything other than who has the most energy and technology. People who got started early have the equipment, so does the USMI. USMI also has unlimited power: they have excess coal reserves, some hydro, some solar and wind, and lots of natural gas and fracking petrol; they also have nukes, which means 'cheaper oil than everywhere else in the world....or else'.
Therefore, the people who will have the most bitcoin at the end of the day is the US military and the 1%, period.
It's also pretty clear the NSA are developing quantum computers. People have speculated that bitcoin at present does not use quantum safe algorithms, and therefore at some point the US Mil can steal all the bitcoin that hasn't been transferred into a paper wallet. That paper does no good either because the moment that bitcoin is put into a usable electronic wallet and a firewall opened, bam, it could be taken by an omnipresent AI agent that's running as several autonomous micro instances in your dishwasher, nest AC controller, your amazon dash button, your iphone, etc.
First they fight you, then they win
Only Governments engage in activities that involve inhibiting or threatening cryptocurrencies (and it's useful to mention they fight crypto tools generally...they fought pgp, they fought phpphone, they fought tor, they fought i2p, freenet, torrent, VPNs, they totally undermined SSL with heartbleed, etc).
Then the Silkroad busts. Other darknet sites. Hacks on bitcoin exchanges and banks. Threats of TOR being undermined, heartbleed SSL bug making everyone question everything's security.
Who ended up with that money? The 1%.. The NSA? <-- coin telegraph or cointel-egraph
You will notice the US Government fought bitcoin at first, trying to rope in the IRS, the SEC and trying to lawyer up on bitcoin, threatening everyone who was playing, and dissuading everyone from getting in on bitcoin. (interesting, eh?)
Until the moment they seized the 20M or so in bitcoin from silkroad. And that happened around the same time the exchanges were starting to be compromised and bitcoin stolen. Then suddenly, the US changed its tune and bitcoin is no longer a threat. Why is that? Think!
It's that now that bitcoin has value (ie: bitcoin now has the potential to be exchanged for goods and services because of the public's trust of the currency to have said value), and that if the US has the lion's share of bitcoin, well they wouldn't to go fighting against a currency because that would only destroy its value. They aren't going to destroy their own wealth, or act against it, in other words.
Avarice and SCAM
When I first went to Steemit, this article was prominent. Now you can't find it unless you search. Everyone should read, esp. about how Sanders is abusing the system.
Yet, it's now back up to 2k+ Which is good.
Also this user 'knows the CEO' and made 12k in one month, isn't that something. Too bad I don't know the CEO
and yet
Conspiracy tag suppression
WAC supports it, so it's control grid
Fluke, you are my faaather
But! Corbett supports it
I trust James Corbett, but I don't know why he's so quick to jump on steemit. Seems premature, especially since they clearly suppress the conspiracy tag.
And knowing the relationship of bitcoin to power (it's a petrol-backed currency!!!!!!!!!!!!!!), and given he's made a documentary based on the history of petrol, he should know better than to back a dubious cryptocurrency based on oil. Period.
Trust but verify
I'm ok with something new. In fact I tried Steemit and I like it. However, very few saw my post, nor will many. Because it was tagged conspiracy as primary, and conspiracy will not show up in lists. You have to get to conspiracy by gaming the url manually. That's lame.
No Response from Support I've told steemit about this, but I've not even gotten an email response to say, we'll respond when we can. It's literally gone into a black hole. Steemit also did not respond to another unrelated support question I sent days before the 'glitch' support email.
If you think I'm 'throwing shade' on steemit, I'm not. I'm asking valid questions and pointing out things you might have missed. Shill away if you must, but I'm pretty much convinced that Steemit is just control grid, designed to fragment the /conspiracy and other communities on reddit primarily (since it's an alternative to reddit). They tried this with voat and they are trying again by monetizing it. You see that's the killer app. Trying to tempt you with money. Only problem is, it's based on bitcoin and it pays out ... what if bitcoin falls it was designed to do....all along.
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